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Post-CoronaVirus Working?

Changing the way we work after lock down…

The global response to the coronavirus as many organisations and businesses including CodeFork adapting to remote working.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has led to a turnaround in PC sales as businesses equip a newly remote workforce, placing urgent orders for tens of thousands of PCs leading to supply vs demand issues.

Many organisations have found they are able to get by without the need for physical PCs, even in situations that would normally merit the use of high performance workstation class machines.

Like many, CodeFork is no no longer supporting the company’s main office. Instead CodeFork managing remote offices for its now remote workers.

Managing home networks

Working from home shifts network management from the responsibility of the business to remote workers, who, understandably, may never have had any need to understand the inner workings of their home network.

Everything connected to a home network impacts bandwidth, irrespective of how good the connection to the internet is. We all need to be aware of everything that is connected to our home networks. We need to be aware of bandwidth. We know that microwaves can interfere with signals. Is a mobile phone connected to the router?

This complexity highlights a need for the industry to make home internet routers as easy as possible to configure. While companies like D-Link sell consumer-grade internet gateways, which aim to make it easy for a non-techie to understand what devices are connected to the home network, the devices that ISPs tend to ship out to people’s homes are often more complex for home users to configure.

The industry has responded to this peak in usage by building up new capacity to copy with the increase in remote working. But beyond providing access from home to office productivity and enterprise applications, some experts believe that remote collaboration is the next technology frontier.


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