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Should Your Team Use Scrum?

As a qualified Scrum Master I’m constantly asked “should our development team use Scrum?” Now you might think that being a Scrum Master – and a massive fan of Scrum – the answer will be yes. Well, you would be wrong. I often steer people away from Scrum – but all for the right reasons. Scrum Masters know how hard it is for a team to adopt and put Scrum into practice successfully due to Scrum being a fairly lightweight framework so is open to individual interpretation. Therefore, we want to make sure the nature of the software project is… Read More »Should Your Team Use Scrum?

Mental Health Within a Software Team

Person A never thought he would be the type of person to suffer any form of panic attack. He had always considered himself a low-stress, laid back individual taking everyday as it comes. Then, one day, driving home from the office, it happened – a powerful and mind bending attack resulting from bouts of anxiety as a result of a face paced and and often stressful senior position within a software team. Often feeling isolated, Person A was not alone. According to a recent survey nearly one in five software developers say that they struggle with mood disorders, anxiety disorders,… Read More »Mental Health Within a Software Team